The Giving Stand

The Giving Stand

My little homestead in Simla, what I offer, what I have up for grabs and how we are trying to get my hobby gardening and hobby farming to a bigger scale over the next many years.  


Where I began my journey with Water Kefir – This Facebook Group

Where I began my journey with Water Kefir – This Facebook Group

You will have to request to join.

A great reference source.  Look in the files and docs at the top of the group page.

They also PIN at the top of the page – all of the threads where you can REQUEST any thing you want.

Follow the group rules, and enjoy : )

I am not an owner or admin. I just participate over there and have enjoyed it.  

Water Kefir !Yo! – You’ve Now Got Grains – What do you do?

What you NEED for Water Kefir:
*1 Quart Glass Jars or larger (1/2 Gallon, 1 Gallon) – I recommend 6-12 jars on hand, when you start.
*Mesh, stainless steel or a plastic strainer.
*Wooden utensils, only.
*Measuring Cups
*Coffee Filters, Flower Sack Towels (FST) & Rubber bands
*Sugar (White Refined – Organic Pure Sugar Cane Juice Sugar)
*Water (Spring or Well waters are good, no Tap water – research your water sources)


1 Quart Batch
¼ cup of water kefir grains
¼ cup of Sugar
to the rest Water filled to the Quart Line of your Jar.

*double the recipe above for bigger batches*

If you choose ½ gallons jugs – you will need ½ a cup of grains to start it with and ½ a cup of Sugar to the rest Water.

Typically, grains shipped and shared are in increments of ¼ cup of Water Kefir Grains.

You’ve NOW received your grains:
1. Dissolve ¼ cup of Sugar in 1 cup of Water
(do not use boiling water – stir and dissolve)
2. Pour dissolved sugar and 1 cup of water into QUART jar
3. ADD ¼ cup of Water Kefir Grains
4. Fill Quart Jar with WATER the rest of the way up (should be another 3-4 cups) to the quart line of jar
5. Cover Jar with FST or Coffee Filter and secure (to keep flies and dust out while fermenting)
6. Allow the Quart Jar, Water, Sugar and WK grains to Ferment 24 hours. This is called your 1st Ferment = 1F.

24 hours later after 1F:
1. Strain the Water Kefir into a Glass Container and keep the grains separate.
2. The grains separated from the Water Kefir, you will measure out and divide into making a NEW BATCH with your NEWLY multiplied grains – you should have nearly a ½ cup of grains after EACH 1F TO 1 quart JARS, once you separate the grains from the water.
3. The water kefir you separated into the glass jar from the grains should be nearly clear to a milky’ish white in color with slight carbonation bubbles around the upper rim of the liquid (aka water kefir). If you use Cane Juice Sugar – your Grains will always be a little yellowish looking and that is OK. Otherwise your grains will be like bright plumpy crystal clear grains (see pictures of the difference (HERE).

Now that your Grains are separated from the Water Kefir NOW you want to ADD FLAVOR:

This is called the 2nd Ferment – to give flavor and obtain more carbonation (for that soda feel or that fizzy’ness that’s refreshing)

Add: Anything fresh, frozen and free of pesticides, chemicals, gmo’s as this is a sugar fermenting process and I assume you wouldn’t want to ingest chemicals or artificial flavors, like us, so we use organic everything. Please see the list of items you can add (HERE) or have fun – I’m sure you have other ideas than us.

Repeat these processes over and over every 24 hours and every 48 hours you can have a delightful delicious healthy probiotic and good bacteria water source for your self sufficient family and health needs : ) Refrigerate after 2F / 48 hours – once you have strained off any floating fruit pieces or the like – re-jar back into same 2F jar used and enjoy.

Namaste ~ Arin

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Life get’s the best of most, everyone!

I miss you!

I miss you!


I wont ever deny having anxiety then being compromised by it’s following; depression which is a trigger of my anxiety. I feel it’s better to be open and honest. I live in a shitty fucking town. With shitty fucking residents. We have had hardship after hardship since Nov. That’s ok. It makes us stronger. Everyone struggles. We are not victims or claim to be ones. We planned on high tailing it out of here. With 2 vehicles and a bit of savings. But having filed correctly as good citizens with our taxes. The government paid down some student loans of mine. Thank you IRS, for properly distributing what monies I owed that were not a debt of my husbands.

That said, I’m gearing up for 13 days without my only friend and supporter, my Husband. In this forsaken town, we are now stuck in. He will be out of town til April, leaving wednesday or thursday. I haven’t been so afraid of being alone, in idk how long. Shitty town. Shitty neighbors and 8 fucking dogs that bark 24/7. And being here alone.

Suppose these are lessons of growth. And that’s how I’m looking at it. Everything isn’t always rainbows and sunshine or “faking” smiles and happiness (like most Facebook participators think).

Life can be negative. Getting through it makes you a powerful survivor, not a threat of what negativity you might be influencing others with, that is on them, not us.

Here’s to fears and learning to overcome them. I wish my best friend lived in the same state, or even my Mommy.

Music is Soul

…being where we are at in our journey here in this earthly body…

I’ll find myself forgetting about how important music is to me.

I’ll forget what listening to it is like with like minders who understands and knows its beauty too….the brilliance of the musicians, that inner feeling that flows through us

I’ll forget how wonderful it feels  and how deep it will take me inside my body, mind and soul.

I’ll forget that its ok to listen to whatever I want, and not have an emotion attached to it.

Whether or not another thinks differently.

I’ll forget some of the musical geniuses I run across, am obessed with or listen to for a week straight, can influence my entire emotional world. It can bring me to my hearts knee’s and I’ll fully collapse for the day.

And I’ll remember so many places of my journey

And then, I’ll forget about how much I desire live music and release my heartache unto YouTube. Where I can explore uploads of some of the greatest live shows that I have missed.

And then….I’ll remember, music is Love, music is Soul, music is Universal. We are all One. Live or Recorded. We are all One.

I ran across a Coachella 2012 Set of Bon Iver (holy musical genius + Jason Vernon). At first I was upset. How could I have missed knowing they were a Band? Or Jason Vernon was magical, lyrically. And then Volcano Choir. Seriously?

I have a deep love for deep rooted, empowering, musical madness geniuses -none of which I ever compare with similarities.

The above mentioned..
Bon Iver Crew
Volcano Choir Crew
And few others I can never get enough of..
My Morning Jacket
Jim James. Yes – Please.
Random Rab

My music is so widespread. Hah, Widespread Panic.
Im a lover of festivals (I can never go to) and the Jamband/Jamster scenes…add the blues n jazz with roots that extend into reggae.  Phish is who dove me into music and I watched my older siblings appreciate and love Jerry Garcia – whom I did too. But I wasn’t allowed to be that cool and of course I was too young to be cool enough to know he has brilliant, one of kind and the man!!

Running across Bon Iver n Volcano Choir has been the greatest shit. They KILL IT wherever they go! Insane Goodness. I hope (being in Colorado now) I see these guys, sometime-somewhere!

And Jim and Rab at red rocks like no-other.